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Food Systems

School lunches served by D.C. Central Kitchen. Clockwise from top:  local beef burger w/Brussels sprouts,  local beef burger w/ sweet potatoes, beef and macaroni bake w/salad, and arroz con pollo

Seasoning sweet potatoes

These days, where your food comes from is just as important--and interesting--as what it is. Urban gardens, hotel-top beehives, and local nose-to-tail restaurants are changing D.C.'s food scene from the bland steakhouses of the 1980s to something garnering--and deserving--national attention. Meanwhile, urban gardeners and innovative programs are working to get fresh food to those who need it most.

Food Systems Features


DC's rising food stars predict the next big thing

Italian-Korean fusion, "weird" pop-ups, and "pickled everything on everything" will elevate D.C.'s food scene in the next year.


Fifty+ under 50: #foodheroes transforming DC's food system

Everywhere you look in D.C., there are #foodheroes. People helping D.C. residents grow more food, eat healthier, and care for the environment with their eating choices.


Turning the tables: Chef gives back to farmers with "Table to Farm"

Chef Ryan Gordon at the Queen Vic has started a new partnership with the farmers who provide the fresh, sustainably-grown food for his pub, and he welcomes other chefs to join in the venture.


UDC a leader in urban gardening research

The University of the District of Columbia is the only exclusively urban university in the country created to provide agricultural training to the public. As such, it's uniquely positioned to help urban farmers.


Behind the success of DC's unstoppable food incubator, Union Kitchen

Union Kitchen's cofounder says its businesses have collectively generated $40 million in revenue. And it's about to triple in size.
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