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Next City looks at kitchen incubators across the country--including DC's Union Kitchen

There are at least 150 kitchen incubators in the U.S. Union Kitchen is one of them. Next City's Shared City blog looks at kitchen incubators across the country:

Let’s assume you can get your hands on the professional-grade equipment needed to produce [food products] at any sort of scale, without going into significant debt. You will still have to contend with a bevy of local and state health regulations, some of which outright ban wide commercial sale of food stuffs made in home kitchens. As more people dive into grassroots economic experimentation, either as side projects or work done outside the traditional ways of doing business, making a go of it in food remains enough of a challenge that it can convince many to not even bother trying.
That’s the problem that the "kitchen incubator" is meant to solve.
Read more here.
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