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Seven free apps to help you (re)discover DC

Seeing D.C. through all fresh eyes just takes a quick download.
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Ward 7 eats its veggies

A new program is fighting obesity and carryout food in Ward 7 with cooking classes at Lincoln Heights, the city's second-largest low-income housing complex.
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Would a DC "food czar" help urban farmers?

D.C. council mulls adding a "food czar"--which could mean more urban farms, local food, and green initiatives for all.
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What do solar panels have to do with affordable housing? A lot.

Here, "being green" means more than just feeling good about recycling; it can mean helping a family make their rent.
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"Bike Arch," a sculpture in downtown Memphis

National Roundup: Cincinnati's beer boom, Cleveland's new leaders, Toronto's female founders

Issue Media Group publications such as Yonge Street in Toronto, High Ground in Memphis and Model D in Detroit cover "what's next" for urban centers. In this recurring feature, we highlight the top stories in urban innovation from all across our national network.
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From Union Station to Benning Road, the streetcar means business

H street business owners say the streetcar's no silver bullet, but could spur needed development.
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"D.C.'s High Line" could transform banks of the Anacostia

The proposed elevated park across the Anacostia would be a first for D.C. With a national design competition for the bridge kicking off, Elevation DC checked in on the park and its goals of fostering economic development, community health, and a cleaner river.
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To prevent teen pregnancy, provide opportunities for young people

 If students are engaged in meaningful activities after school and during the week, they're less at risk, say experts. These programs cure a host of social ills through providing positive opportunities for teens and young girls.
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National spotlight: What smart cities can learn from Memphis

Memphis is on the rise thanks to a growing startup community, investments in bike lanes, a burgeoning arts district and people moving back to the city. In this spotlight from sister publication High Ground, read what's so smart about Memphis.
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What if...the Anacostia River had its own nature center?

A long-forgotten plan for a nature center on Kingman Island on the Anacostia is slowly coming back to life.
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Kidical Mass brings pedal power to tots

"Kidical Mass," the biking movement for kids and their parents, is active in the District. We sat down with the D.C. chapter's founder for a Q&A session about bikes and safer streets.
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A(n updated) guide to coworking in DC

Drink coffee, be productive, and create something amazing at one of these ten D.C. coworking spots.
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Elevation Q&A: Edgar Cahn, who believes that everyone has something to contribute

D.C. resident Dr. Edgar Cahn invented Time Banking, an alternative currency that prioritizes people over monetary value. Elevation DC sat down with Cahn to learn more.
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The top ten DC startups of all time

Every household brand was once a startup. We decided to celebrate the top D.C. startups of all time, from hot dogs and hotels to modern-day tech successes.
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Join Elevation DC and Think Local First for a Cash Mob in Takoma

Support local businesses with a "cash mob." It's like a flash mob, but instead of dancing, you shop--and can win cool prizes. We're mobbing Takoma on March 14.
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252 Articles | Page: | Show All
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