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National Spotlight: What smart cities can learn from Denver

Fueled by collaboration, the Mile High City is investing in transit-oriented development while also preserving its historic neighborhoods. Denver has gained 50,000 new residents in the past four years, outpacing its suburbs and most other metro areas.
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DIY fixes that can improve your block for practically pennies

Take your street into your own hands with pop-up bike lanes, tiny free libraries, gardens, and more.
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Small-scale, big deal: UIX invites urban innovators to exchange ideas in Detroit

Is your city next?
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DC's 5x5 public art festival: What to see and where to see it (MAP)

Public art by world-renowned artists will temporarily transform all eight wards of the city, with events and exhibits running from September through December. 
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DC's social entrepreneurs prove you can grow a businesses and do good

Forget "greed is good." Today's entrepreneurs want to make money and save the world at the same time.
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Tech center opening brings a 'new day' to Ward 8

The tech demonstration center on the former campus of St. Elizabeths Hospital aims to elevate opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in Congress Heights.
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National spotlight: Putting art at the heart of redevelopment

Artists are often the first to move into urban neighborhoods, and also the first to move when rents escalate. Here's how cities are working with artists to transform blight and reimagine neighborhoods.
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How a 'Downtown Ward 7' would grow more than a healthy economy

The built environment plays a crucial role in a neighborhood's health. Would upgrading Ward 7's downtown create healthier people?
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Meet DC's urban farmers growing food and profits

Think it's hard to grow food in the city and make money at it? You'd be 100% correct. Still, that hasn't stopped these intrepid farmers from trying--and, in some ways, succeeding.
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The Memphis Symphony

National roundup: Detroit's wind economy, Memphis' startup symphony, Toronto's Silicon Valley

Issue Media Group publications across the country cover "what's next" for urban centers. In this recurring feature, we highlight the top stories in urban innovation from all across our national network.
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Get away from it all--right here in DC

As the District’s breakneck pace tapers for the long and sweaty summer months, we asked some of our favorite local celebs for the skinny on where they go to get away from it all – no plane ticket required.
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Union Station has a secret Presidential railcar, and more behind-the-scenes pics

Photographers went behind the scenes at Union Station to capture unique views and check out a Pullman car that was once used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Here's our photo gallery of the best.
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Does geography equal destiny?

Teens in all eight wards are surrounded by peer pressure to have sex and a lack of knowledge about how to be safe. So why is it that the majority of pregnant teens are in just two wards?
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Food can be medicine, says Dr. Ted Eytan, Kaiser Permanente

#DCFood4Thought discussion: how food impacts community

Our panel discussion last week centered on how can the District build healthier communities full of healthier people. Did you miss it? We've got the write-up.
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DC's zinesters prove the art form is alive and well, even in the digital age

Zines--self-published, usually Xeroxed small magazines--seem like a relic of the pre-Internet age. But in D.C. as elsewhere, the art form still thrives.
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252 Articles | Page: | Show All
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