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Beer in DC: better than ever, thanks to "co-opetition"

With four production breweries in the District and many new brewpubs open or soon to open, it's fair to say that D.C. is experiencing a microbrewery megaboom. But rather than pit new brews against each other, success seems to lift all brews.
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What smart cities can learn from Pittsburgh

With a culture of collaboration, a willingness to change and a focus on creating the kind of urban environment that attracts creative talent, the Steel City has moved from gritty to green and is now poised for the next wave of growth.
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The battle for talent: How cities are attracting urban professionals

For today's top talent, the job market is only one thing to consider when choosing where to live. They also want a vibrant city, a creative place where they can network with other smart people, and a dynamic place where they can find their next job.
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From DC to Denver: School gardens growing next generation of leaders

School gardens, a second classroom where hands-on learning reigns supreme, are cropping up across the nation. Two cities  – D.C. and Denver – are changing the way their gardens grow with innovative additions to their programming.  
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Why lowering DC's teen pregnancy rate matters to everyone

Teen pregnancy affects the whole city, not just the teens who become parents. In this Special Report, we investigate what can be done.
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Legal bees in the city have urban beekeepers abuzz

Beekeepers in the city, their hives newly legalized, are helping the environment and making some sweet cash on the side.
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Tonight: Food in our Neighborhoods: How healthy food is building stronger communities

On June 24, Elevation DC and Kaiser Permanente will host a panel discussion about how food can change communities.
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"The Birth of our Dreams" at 1375 Missouri Ave NW

A guide to DC's newest murals

Murals revitalize neighborhoods with nothing but a little spray paint and imagination. Here are some of the city's most recent murals--make time to look one up this spring.
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National roundup: Cleveland's coolest digs, Denver's downtown boom

In Cleveland, next-generation housing includes one of the greenest homes in Ohio and a house with a basement rock-climbing gym. In Pittsburgh, indie filmhouses are making a comeback. Read about the smartest things happening in cities around the country in this roundup.
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East-of-the-river residents hunger for new dining options

In wards 7 and 8, there are only a handful of sit-down restaurants for almost 150,000 people. Change is slowly coming, but here's what we can do better. Paging all entrepreneurial restaurateurs: your opportunity is here.
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These are the shortlisted architecture firms for the 11th Street Bridge Park

Six teams will go on to the next stage of the design competition to build an elevated park across the Anacostia.
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Elevation Q&A: Trayon White, founder of Man Power DC

Southeast D.C. native Trayon White speaks with Elevation DC about the nonprofit he created that keeps Ward 8 middle-schoolers on the right track.
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Everything you've always wanted to know about bikeshare (but were afraid to ask)

Don't call it a complete guide to bikeshare. Call it Elevation DC's take on answering the bikeshare questions you (should) think hardest about.
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National spotlight: Alleyways become pathways to urban revitalization

From D.C. to Seattle,  alleys are being reinvented as people-friendly spaces. Often perceived as dirty and dangerous, alleys are moving beyond garbage and garages to become havens for pedestrians, public art and small business.
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252 Articles | Page: | Show All
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