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8 development projects that will transform DC this year

Elevation DC highlights the city's most revolutionary projects, from tiny houses to big boxes. This time next year, the District's gonna look a lot different.
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Elevation Q&A: Rich Bradley, executive director of the Downtown DC BID

Bradley's stepping down from his nearly two decades on the job as executive director of the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District. We spoke with him about D.C.'s transformation.
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The incredible evolution of Congress Heights

Think you know Congress Heights? Think again. We examine where the neighborhood is heading and how residents are reacting to the possibilities of change and--yeah, it's that word again--gentrification.
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National roundup: Cleveland's coolest digs, Denver's downtown boom

In Cleveland, next-generation housing includes one of the greenest homes in Ohio and a house with a basement rock-climbing gym. In Pittsburgh, indie filmhouses are making a comeback. Read about the smartest things happening in cities around the country in this roundup.
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National spotlight: Alleyways become pathways to urban revitalization

From D.C. to Seattle,  alleys are being reinvented as people-friendly spaces. Often perceived as dirty and dangerous, alleys are moving beyond garbage and garages to become havens for pedestrians, public art and small business.
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Co-ops preserve affordable housing in rapidly changing neighborhoods

Tenant-owned apartment buildings are rare in the District, but are a key tool in preserving affordable homes in our quickly growing city. Here, a look at two--and one group that helps make them happen.
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National spotlight: Urban train stations plan for the future

In many places across the country, including D.C., rail is breaking ridership records as we move away from the personal car. How does a place like Union Station manage the influx of passengers while being a good neighbor?
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Uline Arena, get ready for your next phase

The long-abandoned, much-beloved Uline Arena is moving toward a new phase of life.  As the project moves forward, here's a look at the building's storied past.
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Streetcar reboot promises citywide growth for underserved areas

After more than a half-century of being retired, D.C. streetcars are set to connect the city by promoting new developments and serving neighborhoods that aren’t near a station. 
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Raise DC

WestMill's latest: a pop-up events startup to enliven empty spaces

WestMill Capital, the D.C. based real estate firm founded by Ben and Dan Miller, has a creative new use for its properties during the months that typically transpire between acquisition and construction.
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13 Articles | Page:
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