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'The black car company that everyone loves to hate'

Uber fans and haters alike will find much to chew on in this Next City Forefront feature on Uber, the app that summons a black car (or now a taxicab) to your corner with the push of a button.

The service was started by two veterans of the startup scene with plenty of money, so they could roll around town in style. “It wasn’t about taking over the world,” Kalanick has said. “It wasn’t about taking on corruption in every city around the world. It was actually just about being baller in San Francisco.”

But the app has come under fire. It's unpopular with cabbies, mystifying to regulators, and more. The Forefront feature looks specifically at how the Uber fight has played out so far in D.C. It's paywalled, but you can read the piece for a measly $2. Check it out here.
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