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DC's tops for green buildings: USGBC

D.C. added the most LEED-certified building space per capita in 2012, according to a list released by the U.S. Green Building Council, the group that created the LEED standard and certifies said buildings.

A total of 110 projects certified for 22 million square feet means that there are 36.97 square feet of LEED-certified space for every person living in the District.

In fact, per capita D.C. added almost ten times more green building space than the next runner-up state, Virginia, at 3.71 square feet of space per person.

Being a nearly wholly urban area with a relatively small population gives us a per-capita advantage, of course, but even going by raw numbers D.C.'s no sustainability slouch: 22 million square feet is more than the 13 million added by Massachusetts, the 10 million square feet constructed in Colorado, and the nearly 11 million built in Maryland.

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