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Contactually adds employees to manage demand

A start-up that helps customers stay on top of that dreaded email inbox — and uses it to grow work and other relationships — is growing itself, adding three employees to the baker’s dozen already in its D.C. office.

launched mid-2011 after CEO and co-founder Zvi Band saw how hard it was to keep up with contacts while working with another startup.

“I knew there had to be a better solution than CRM,” Band said, referring to the existing technology and systems for “customer relationship management.”

After starting Contactually with two co-founders Tony Cappaert and Jeff Carbonella, Band expanded that management framework to encompass social media. The system pulls from various networks to compile a fleshed-out address book for customers — one that reminds them when to reach out and get back in touch with certain contacts. Follow-up goals allow users to track their progress while integrating email upkeep into a daily workflow.

“We can remind you about the relationships that you’re not following up on… These may be leads you need to reengage, friends, potential customers and past customers that you haven’t spoken to in a year,” Band said.

Band said the product has been popular among real estate agents and other businesses that “rely on their book of contacts as their way of doing business.” Everyone from recruiters to salespeople to church leaders trying to stay in touch with their base have signed up with the service, which starts at $20 a month with a free 30-day trial.

Contactually’s team has had to quickly grow with the demand. The team — comprised of its three founders halfway through last year — has 13 employees now and currently is hiring a sales executive, an engineer and a developer. Band estimates the office near Dupont Circle will be up to 20 people by the end of the year. (And the company may decide that it’s growing too fast to keep the team photo up online, which currently depicts Contactually at eight people strong--less than two months ago.)

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Whitney Pipkin is a freelance journalist who covers food, agriculture, and the environment and lives in Alexandria, Va. She writes about food, etc. at thinkabouteat.com.
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