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Rhode Island Avenue Corridor : Features

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DIY fixes that can improve your block for practically pennies

Take your street into your own hands with pop-up bike lanes, tiny free libraries, gardens, and more.
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"The Birth of our Dreams" at 1375 Missouri Ave NW

A guide to DC's newest murals

Murals revitalize neighborhoods with nothing but a little spray paint and imagination. Here are some of the city's most recent murals--make time to look one up this spring.
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To prevent teen pregnancy, provide opportunities for young people

 If students are engaged in meaningful activities after school and during the week, they're less at risk, say experts. These programs cure a host of social ills through providing positive opportunities for teens and young girls.
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The top ten DC startups of all time

Every household brand was once a startup. We decided to celebrate the top D.C. startups of all time, from hot dogs and hotels to modern-day tech successes.
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In the war between sidewalks and tree roots, a peacekeeper emerges

An alternative paving material called Flexi-Pave is being piloted by DDOT and appears to be a solution to a long list of infrastructure challenges in D.C., including the age-old war between tree roots and sidewalks.
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D.C. nonprofits start charter schools to ready adults for the workforce

D.C.'s charter school boom isn't just for kids. The public charter school board recently approved the seventh adult charter school in the city. Here's why these schools are an essential part of giving District residents a leg up.
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Streetcar reboot promises citywide growth for underserved areas

After more than a half-century of being retired, D.C. streetcars are set to connect the city by promoting new developments and serving neighborhoods that aren’t near a station. 
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Beat Club DC uses local libraries as launchpads for music education

D.C. kids and teens are learning to unleash their inner Dres and Beyonces...at the library, of all places. No more shushing--bring on the beats.
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Step by step to better streets and better shopping

The District needs better shopping options. A new toolkit might help neighborhoods figure out exactly how to lure those retailers in. Here's a hint: start by coming together.
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Giant murals have outsized effects on local neighborhoods

Albus Cavus's Open Walls Project makes a vibrant case for the benefits of legal street art.
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