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NYT can't make up its mind about DC's coffee

After super-burning D.C.'s coffee scene in a recent travel piece--"the coffee is meh--a problem throughout most of the city"--coffee expert and freelancer Oliver Strand praised the iced coffee at Mockingbird Hill in an article earlier this week.

Of course, Mockingbird Hill's iced coffee isn't your standard iced coffee. We'll let Strand explain:

"Kenyan coffees are prized for their complex acidities, especially phosphoric acid, which is a key flavor in Coca-Cola. In this intricate drink, Kenyan coffee with a little sugar is chilled in an ice bath, mixed with three kinds of bitters (tiki, Spanish and black walnut), then poured in a glass with ice and topped with soda water. The result is less cloying than a soft drink."

Washingtonian, which tipped us off to the NYT mention, says that Mockingbird Hill's coffee program is new. And, judging by the menu, the Kenya Cola isn't the only unusual item on offer.

(h/t Washingtonian)
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