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Time: DC Fashion Week 'is no joke'

Perhaps "it's not a punchline" is the best we can hope for in mainstream media coverage of D.C. Fashion Week, which kicks off Wednesday.

Though we know that the nylons-and-tennis-shoes set has long departed Washington (plus seriously, who calls them "nylons" anymore?), this decades-old stereotype lingers.

So to get some halfway-decent coverage of our annual fashion event feels pretty good.

OK, it's not all good.  "By day much of central Washington is a sea of meandering fanny packs and Segways, with power ties and pantsuits darting through the crowds in a display of urgent purpose," writes Time's Denver Nicks. But, he says, "DC Fashion Week...is no joke."

"DC’s nightlife is," he adds, "actually, a blast/crunk/off the chain/really fun and if you come here looking for that and don’t have a good time it’s because you have boring friends."

"[At night] you’ll see everybody really showing their fashion side. Every major fashion label has a retail presence in DC," says Fashion Week director Ean Williams. OK, we'll take it.

Read more here, and learn more about DC Fashion Week here.
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