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DC's arts funding increased the most of any state

D.C.'s FY 2013 budget has the biggest increase for arts funding of any U.S. state, reports the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. That's because the Council passed last year a budget including restoring $6 million in arts funding, more than doubling (increasing by 133 percent, in fact) the amount of money D.C. spends on the arts.

The next largest increase was in Florida, where budgetmakers allotted an extra $4 million to the arts, but with Florida's larger arts budget overall, that amounted to just a 72 percent increase in funding.

The 133 percent increase was the second largest of any state (Michigan increased its arts funding by 271 percent). D.C. now spends $11.1 million on the arts, or about $1.80 per capita.

As an interesting aside, D.C.'s new arts budget now means that it spends more on the arts than all but just four other states (Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, and New York) and one territory (Puerto Rico).

See the full report here (PDF).
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