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Surfside Taco Stand will be open 24/7 in Dupont Circle

For foodies and others with a yen for tacos in the middle of the night, help is on the way. Surfside Taco Stand is opening at 1800 N Street NW, south of Dupont Circle, in mid-September. Although the exact opening date is still uncertain, Surfside will be open 24 hours every day of the week, according to Allison Luchey, director of marketing and events for Georgetown Events, owner of Surfside.
The stand will have a storefront window only. There is no indoor seating, but they will offer delivery in addition to carryout.
The stand will serve more than tacos. Surfside Taco Stand is an offshoot of Surfside DC, a restaurant that opened at 2444 Wisconsin Avenue, Glover Park, in 2008. Its menu will duplicate the restaurant’s.
“Surfside DC is extremely popular. There is definitely a market for its menu. There are a lot of offices and business in the [Dupont Circle] area for lunch orders. We expect the delivery service to be popular,” Luchey says. She also expects that late-night patrons will appreciate the new space. “There aren’t a lot of food places open” late at night and in the early morning hours, she said. “We are looking to raise the bar on food offered at night."
Surfside Taco Stand is located in a long-vacant 900-square foot space that is currently being renovated. Luchey says the company looked at various concepts for the expansion before deciding on a window-only.
“It’s a cute storefront, tucked away, that serves the purpose,” she says. “The space is not conducive to a sit-down restaurant.”
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