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DC is the world's most walking city (among people with iPhones)

More people in D.C. spend more time walking than in any other city worldwide, a new analysis says.

One large caveat: the data was culled from an app called Human, which people download to their iPhones and which automatically calculates how much time users spend walking, cycling, running or driving. So it's more accurate to say that D.C. residents with iPhones who have downloaded Human like to walk more than residents of other cities who also have the same app.

Still, it's striking to see. According to the app's data, D.C. residents spend just under 50 percent of their time walking places, coming in ahead of Berlin, Tokyo, and New York. But as far as cycling goes, we have a long way to go: app users in Amsterdam spent a third of their time on a bike, whereas Washingtonians spend just under 10 percent.

Read the full rankings here.
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