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SmartThings CEO: 'We're staying to see DC become a top 5 ecosystem'

Alex Hawkinson, the CEO and one of the founders of SmartThings, an "internet of things" startup based in D.C., gave a really interesting speech at a StartupGrind DC event. Tech Cocktail was there and wrote up an article, which you can read here.

Hawkinson said that his company has been encouraged to move to Silicon Valley, but the talent pool in D.C. is great. Also, he said, it's "fun building a consumer technology company here."

"“I really want to see DC on the map…we’ve seen it start to change a little. I think [DC] is in the ‘top 5′ of the country to build tech [companies], but I don’t think it’s seen that way, yet; I think it’s seen as ‘top 10,’” he said.

Read more here.
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