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Sunken gas station in Anacostia River will get drivers to think about oil, pollution, and DC

Mia Feuer's "Antediluvian"

Update July 25: The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities has canceled this project due to environmental concerns raised by United for a Healthy Anacostia and others. Read more here.

Artist Mia Feuer is building a lifesize model of a gas station--and then sinking it into the Anacostia River.

CityLab (formerly Atlantic Cities) reports on the project, which is part of the D.C. 5x5, a project that brings 25 pieces of temporary public art to the city.

Writes CityLab's Kriston Capps: "Feuer's work...seems to have a point—and it's one that's intensely relevant for U.S. cities. Feuer's work casually references rising sea levels as a result of carbon-fueled climate change and the catastrophic changes looming for some cities. While floods and evacuations may not loom as large over D.C. as in New York, San Francisco, or New Orleans, Washington has another disaster—Congress—and that's the one Feuer means to address."

The gas station/art will be up September through December near Heritage Island. Want a closer look? You can take a boat tour, and Feuer is planning a "flooded lecture series" in which climatologists will give lectures by kayak.

Read more here.
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