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DC is a big, and fast-growing, biking city

The League of American Bicyclists has released a report showing trends in bike commuting in major cities nationwide.

For bike advocates, D.C. stacks up pretty favorably, as the city with the seventh-highest absolute numbers of cyclist commuters on the streets. That's despite the fact that five of the six cities with more bike commuters have higher populations than D.C.

In fact, 4.1 percent of D.C. residents commute by bike, one of the higher per-capita rates in the cities studied by the League, and third highest among the 70 largest cities in the country. Still, though, that rate has nothing on Davis, Calif., where nearly one in five commuters' vehicle of choice is a bike.

Heck, even Minneapolis has a higher per-capita rate of commuters, and it gets cold there.

Nevertheless, the report also states that D.C. bike commuting has more than doubled since 2005--in fact, bike commuting has grown by 255 percent. From 1990 to 2012, bike commuting has grown by 445 percent, one of the fastest growth rates in the country.

The nationwide bike commuting rate is .6 percent. Read more here.
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