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Zoomph adds new feature: generating ads based on your hashtags

Zoomph, the social media monitoring start-up that launched less than a year ago, has added a new feature that not only aggregates social media in one place, but also analyzes them to optimize advertising and user engagement.
Zoomph's new Social Mashup means businesses can see tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures from fans in one place, and then cater advertising on that same page to what's being said or pictured. (Imagine a sports team spotting a jersey-less fan with a foam finger. How about an ad for the team store?)
"We're dabbling in new territory," said Theresa Kattula, product manager for the start-up, based out of the MetroStar Systems incubator in Reston, Va.

The concept builds on some of the company's existing work with analytics, curation and visualization.
The cornerstone of the technology is what Zoomph calls "ZPoints," a scoring system that determines which content is the most influential and relevant to a conversation or brand. The feature's filtration system, which can be actively monitored or set to auto, sifts out spam and curse words — or users who are just tweeting hashtags without being truly engaged.
Content that gets the most retweets, for example, receives a higher relevancy rating.
"Other tools are silo-ing all of these [outlets], but what we've done is identify the most powerful analytics… and we're synchronizing with ads to drive actual revenue," Kattula said. "We created a tool that we would want to use."
Zoomph currently is honing the prototype with sports teams (though the company is tight-lipped about which ones), but Kattula and community manager Amir Zonozi also see the feature as ideal for marketing campaigns or for aggregating — and advertising to — the buzz about an event.
An event, after all, is how Zoomph got its start, moderating a Twitter display for a presidential engagement session with the University of Indonesia nearly a year ago. 

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Whitney Pipkin is a freelance journalist who covers food, agriculture, and the environment and lives in Alexandria, Va. She writes about food, etc. at thinkabouteat.com.
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