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The 7 best Twitter accounts in DC

Need a new online distraction? Gotcha covered.
If you've got to goof off on social media, make it the best goofing off it can possibly be: that means stocking your Twitter feed with the best local accounts full of info, trivia and jokes we can possibly find.

Elevation DC asked for nominations for accounts that don't just feed you the news in a straightforward way, but have a little moxie too. (If you're really new to town and need a couple news accounts, too, you can't go wrong with @GGWash, @DCist, and @washingtonpost. And—if you're not following us on Twitter yet, why not? Visit us at @ElevationDC and become our friend.)

We compiled the nominations, with help from a couple writers, into the following list. Your social media life just got a whole lot better.

@CHbooksDC (the official account of Capitol Hill Books)
You should follow if: You enjoy books, reading, and/or bookstores with personality
Why we love it: Whoever is running this account perfectly captures the voice of Capitol Hill Books owner Jim Toole. Yes, @CHBooksDC tweets about new releases and book reviews, but also insidery jokes and, yes, a little snark. Haven't shopped there? The account is almost as good as the real thing. (But seriously, go buy a book.) —Rachel Kaufman
You should follow it if: You are a history buff or are curious about how the D.C. has changed. Also for people who just like looking at vintage photographs.
Why we love it: How do I know that shark sightings in the Potomac led to the creation of a "society for the suppression of man-eating fish” in 1911 or that a monkey once went on a mid-summer rampage around 12th and F Streets Northwest or that Tenleytown had a persistent streaker in the late 1800s dubbed the wild man (turns out he was indulging in some "bacchanalian stimulants”)? Well, @ghostsofdc informed me. The account tweets out old photographs, advertisements (mid-century housing prices will make you want to cry), news articles, and other ephemera--and they are generally linked to blog posts that shed light on these glimpses into the past. --Rachel Sadon

You should follow if: You like local businesses, photos of everyday D.C. life, and musings on how to make D.C. better.
Why we love it: The former ANC commissioner has sharp takes on everything from the 11th Street Bridge Park to parking in Shaw. Fun photos round out the postings. —Rachel Kaufman
You should follow it if: You want to keep up with Congress' latest incursion into D.C.'s laws, are interested in the future of the city's marijuana laws, or want to get involved in statehood activism.
Why we love it: The Twitter account of the people who successfully got the marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot--is a mix of pot and statehood-related activism. It was originally used to get the word out about Initiative 71, but it has expanded as the group has worked to mobilize the marijuana momentum toward the cause of ending 'taxation without representation.' In addition to chronicling their own exploits, @DCMJ2014 dutifully notes all of the indignities of life without statehood. —Rachel Sadon

@RosesLuxury You should follow it if: You like food, eating, or work in the restaurant industry
Why we love it: It’s the best restaurant in America according to Bon Appetit, it’s the reason people are standing around on Barracks Row, and it’s a darn good Twitter account that we’re slowly falling in love with. Not just food pics, @RosesLuxury posts a mixture of behind-the-scenes photos, insidery jokes, and sass--and the account also helpfully tells locals when there’s no wait for the coveted tables. Plus, food pics.--Rachel Kaufman
You should follow it if: You are deep in the D.C. music scene (or wish you were) or enjoy constant musings about the possibility of a Fugazi reunion. 
Why we love it: Why mess around with the perpetual real rumors about the annual concert series, when you can have delightful fake ones? You have to be fairly in-the-know to get all of @fortrenorumors wry commentary and winking jokes about the city's music scene, but it wouldn't be a niche Twitter account if you didn't. —Rachel Sadon
@MD_Driver_in_DCYou should follow if: You get around the city via car, or if you have ever encountered a car while getting around via other means
Why we love it: Look, sometimes you get really mad at the clueless driver who left their car in the bike lane. The mad genius (or geniuses) behind @MD_Driver_In_DC turn that anger into productive laughs, or at least rueful "it would be funny if it weren't true" chuckles. One complaint—we at Elevation DC would suggest that bad drivers come from not just Maryland, but everywhere. Share the road, y'all. —Rachel Kaufman
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