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Epic pictures from the Dupont Circle snowball fight

Photographer James Cullum captured these shots at the mass snowball fight at Dupont Circle on February 17. 
Nothing stirs the fighting spirit greater than slugging your heart out on the front lines with a grown man in a Gumby suit. It’s true – there was some real courage on display at the Dupont Circle snowball fight on Tuesday.
At 11:00 a.m., brave defenders of the Dupont Circle fountain held their ground against the repeated assaults of a determined and snow-covered enemy.
“Hold them back!” a desperate voice was heard at the height of the action when, for a moment, the air was thick with flying bodies and white explosions of snow. The defenders then mounted a counter-offensive, and then the immortal cry of “Rally to me!” was raised, followed closely by “CHARGE!”
“How do we know who won?” someone was later heard asking friends.
“Just declare victory!” a friend shouted.

All photos and text by James Cullum/Talk Radio News Service.

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