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An important message from Elevation DC

As of today, we are suspending publication of Elevation DC. While we're proud of the work we've done over the past three years, our parent company, Issue Media Group, has shifted its priorities and will be focusing resources more intensively on other markets in its national network of local digital publications. 
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The Martin Luther King Jr library has been serving District residents since 1972; in its halls are so much more than just books

The seven wonders of DC's central library

The Martin Luther King Jr. Library is filled with more than just books. With a little searching, residents can find historical artifacts, niche technologies, a comprehensive chronicle of the city’s history and more. 
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The 20 most beautiful blocks in DC

To truly know the city is to travel it in its entirely, perhaps even block by block. While this list is by no means exhaustive (and is certainly subjective), we think you can hardly go wrong with a fall stroll down any one of these attractive blocks.
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DC's affordable housing might be saved through collaboration

Housing advocates came together October 13 to discuss the best ways to ensure that "anybody who wants to live in the District should be able to live in the District."
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An insider's view of walkability in the District

Visitors to Washington, DC often describe the city as very walkable, and are delighted to find they can do most of their sightseeing on foot. But residents often have an entirely different idea of what makes each neighborhood more or less friendly to pedestrians. As advocates prepare to visit the city at the end of October for the National Walking Summit, we hit the sidewalks alongside of a few locals who use foot travel as a way to explore and transform their own neighborhoods -- and lives -- for the better. 
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How green can the District grow?

As D.C. continues to grow, balancing growth with sustainability isn't always easy. Here are three ways the city is working toward that goal.
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CLIPS: Keeping the American Dream alive near Farragut Square

In our latest episode of CLIPS, our barbershop oral history project in partnership with Metro Connection, we visit a barber with the "fountain of youth"...
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Special Report: Why D.C. needs more affordable housing--and how we can get there

Affordable housing is not a benefit just for the very poor; it's something that can tie a city together. D.C. has some progressive housing policies, but it's clear the need is greater.
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Chinatown is one of DC's most congested neighborhoods.

National spotlight: three parking solutions for three growing cities

As more people move to cities, how can rapidly developing neighborhoods tackle parking challenges without gobbling up valuable urban space for off-street lots?
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A look at DC's housing market for moderate-income buyers

Single-family homes are out of reach for all but the wealthiest, and few affordable condos are big enough for families. Here are some recommendations to improve DC's housing stock.
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Park Rd NW

Save the Date: Who needs affordable housing?

Our next panel discussion will ask: who needs affordable housing? The answer may surprise you.
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After a typhoon, earthquake or uprising, the arts can help

Art can not only heal minds but can heal communities after disaster. Our latest panel discussion showed how improv can help typhoon survivors, painting can help protestors, and photography can help rebuild a landmark.
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What it's like to be an indie filmmaker in the District

The District's film scene is alive and kicking, as our interviews with these four filmmakers show.
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DC's rising food stars predict the next big thing

Italian-Korean fusion, "weird" pop-ups, and "pickled everything on everything" will elevate D.C.'s food scene in the next year.
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