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The Martin Luther King Jr library has been serving District residents since 1972; in its halls are so much more than just books

The seven wonders of DC's central library

The Martin Luther King Jr. Library is filled with more than just books. With a little searching, residents can find historical artifacts, niche technologies, a comprehensive chronicle of the city’s history and more. 
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13 bookstores you should make time to check out this fall

What could be cozier than curling up with a good book? We've rounded up 13 indie bookstores, including D.C.'s newest, where you can find your next read.
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Seven free apps to help you (re)discover DC

Seeing D.C. through all fresh eyes just takes a quick download.
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Do you know all these secret codes, insider tips and underground hangouts?

It's the tenth anniversary of National Treasure (yeah, that movie with Nic Cage). But secret messages on the back of the Declaration of Independence are so passe. Check out these real secrets in and around D.C., then impress your friends.
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Beat Club DC uses local libraries as launchpads for music education

D.C. kids and teens are learning to unleash their inner Dres and Beyonces...at the library, of all places. No more shushing--bring on the beats.
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NoMa History Project to preserve 150 years of memories, lore and facts

NoMa, a neighborhood created piecemeal from other places around a Metro station, is still struggling to find its identity even as it transforms into an entirely new place. If history's any guide, history could help.
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Elevation Q&A: Liz Norton, Stone Soup Films

Like the fable, Stone Soup Films starts small, and through the contributions of many, creates awesome. The nonprofit, which makes short documentaries for other local nonprofits--totally free--celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.
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8 Articles | Page:
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