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Our masthead this week

About our masthead contest winner, "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change."
MakeDC submitted this masthead, a photo collage depicting the C&O Canal in Georgetown, to our contest and we loved it, so it's our masthead of the week.

The organization says this about the C&O Canal:

The C&O Canal is among D.C.'s most unique assets. Untouched for nearly 200 years, it offers a unique spatial experience and is an essential part of the area's rich history. Yet it is in an increasingly dire state of disrepair. With the canal nearing its bicentennial, the MakeDC team has examined its past and the potential it holds.

MakeDC is a not-for-profit Benefit Corporation (B Corp) design studio, bridging the gap between a nonprofit initiative and a for-profit enterprise. As a B Corp, MakeDC focuses on the triple bottom line of social impact, environmental sustainability, and financial stability.

Thanks to MakeDC!
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