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Beth Marlowe

Beth Marlowe has written for The Washington Post, the Associated Press, Bloomberg Television and other publications.  She's currently an editor at Washington Post Express. In her free time she enjoys house-hunting, food-trying and friend-having.



How green can the District grow?

As D.C. continues to grow, balancing growth with sustainability isn't always easy. Here are three ways the city is working toward that goal.


DC's churches change with our changing city

As D.C. changes, its religious institutions change with it--or perish. These three churches are adapting to--and still serving--their neighborhoods, even as their neighborhoods morph into something new. 


Beer in DC: better than ever, thanks to "co-opetition"

With four production breweries in the District and many new brewpubs open or soon to open, it's fair to say that D.C. is experiencing a microbrewery megaboom. But rather than pit new brews against each other, success seems to lift all brews.


Step by step to better streets and better shopping

The District needs better shopping options. A new toolkit might help neighborhoods figure out exactly how to lure those retailers in. Here's a hint: start by coming together.


The art of development: how theaters can catalyze growth

Studio. Atlas. The Howard. And more. Theaters, which lure a combination of commercial and artistic interests to struggling areas, may be just what a neighborhood needs. 
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